Fashion Portraits


Outside of weddings, my 2nd most popular shoot is for fashion models.  Whether it be for bloggers to have fresh content for their blogs, or models to update their comp cards (or start a comp card), or for musicians looking for imagery for their upcoming single release, these fashions shoots are completely custom based on the model's needs.


Because I shoot so many of these fashion sessions, I tend to spend a lot of time in Los Angeles (Hollywood, West Hollywood, Venice Beach) for portrait sessions. If you're currently in L.A., I am available for sessions pretty regularly!

Senior Portraits


Senior Pictures are where it all started for me all those years ago.  Straight out of high school, when I was looking for a way to pay for my college education, senior portraits just sort of fell into my lap. Partly because I had so many friends who were getting ready to graduate, and my "young" style... I found it very natural to photograph these sessions.  In essence, Benfield Photography wouldn't be where it is without my senior portrait beginnings.


Senior sessions consist of three locations and a different outfit at each location.  This allows for variety, and also keeps mothers and daughters from killing each other (mom: "wear this!"   daughter: "I don't wanna wear that, I wanna wear THIS!"). Hey what can I say... I like to foster peace and love.  These sessions take just over an hour and are so much fun and very relaxed.

Family and Children Portraits


Typically I don't take new family and children clients (I wish I could - I love you all!), but don't let that discourage you from reaching out and adding your name to the list.  There are a couple times each year when I have an opening and reach out or put out that I am taking a new family or two.


Family sessions have a couple options: 1 outfit at two locations or two outfits at one location. I like to base the location on the outfits, so a bit of styling and planning goes into these sessions, but that little bit makes a huge difference in the outcome of the portraits. One more thing about these sessions... they don't have a time limit. If everyone is happy it might only take 30-40 minutes; if we need coaxing or feeding or even just some time to warm up to me (kiddos can need this special connection time) it could last up to a couple hours. Regardless, I don't stop until I know I got "the shot."

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About Benfield Photography

Dale started Benfield Photography in 1998 as a way to pay for college. After earning his Master's Degree and teaching college photography, he decided to transition into a full-time photographer.  Since then, he has photographed more than 500 weddings all over the country and abroad. He has also published two books on photography and business.

Dale loves cooking, entertaining, Hallmark Christmas movies, Jesus, kittens, and his two daughters, Cece and Ellie.

Benfield Photography photographs weddings in Arkansas, California, and worldwide. He's photographed weddings in Rome, proposals in Paris, New York City weddings, Dallas weddings, Memphis weddings, Austin weddings, Los Angeles weddings, Napa Valley weddings, San Diego weddings, Aspen weddings, and many more.

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