Engagement portraits

Our engagement sessions are so fun! We typically go multiple (three) locations, and let you wear a different outfit at each location. They’re great because they let you see how we work (which makes the wedding day go that much smoother), and grooms--who typically aren’t all about pictures--come away from the shoot realizing how easy it is to have great pictures made.


Depending on your uses for your engagement portraits, we have different thoughts on when you should take them. If you’re wanting us to design save the dates for you, we want to photograph your engagements about 7 months before the wedding date.  If you have already sent out a save the date, then we can be more flexible.


If you can’t make up your mind about what to wear for your engagement session, feel free to have us help! We love styling our clients, and have some pretty cool relationships with boutiques that can be a big help.  We also recommend heading to our blog to see what others wear for theirs.


We also work with you before the session to help plan. Once your outfits are chosen, I love to have you share them with me so we can pick the perfect locations based on what you're wearing! It's the little extra step we do that makes a big difference in the outcome of your photos and the feel of your engagement session!

The Destination Engagement

I love travel, and spend about half of my year traveling for weddings, bridals, and engagements. This presents two fun options for our Benny brides: 1) if you don't live in NWA, don't rule out engagement portraits! I feel like every couple needs an engagement session (for multiple reasons - if you're interested, hit me up and I'll tell you why!). I can come to you! Last year I went all over the US and Mexico, and many years I have shoots in Europe. For travel dates, contact me! Oh, and 2) if you're an NWA bride who wants to shoot engagement shoots somewhere far away, ask me where I'm traveling! Here are some shots from St. Louis engagements, engagement portraits at Houmas House in Louisiana, a NYC engagement session (I shot at the Brooklyn Bridge, Highline, and Greenwhich Village for this session). Oh, and let's not forget this engagement shoot in Paris.Are you kidding?  I've been to Paris close to ten times and have never shot the same place twice; it's truly such a dream. If you're interested in an engagement shoot in Europe, don't rule it out because of travel costs; sometimes I'm able to work with you on budget by using some of my miles or hotel points.  I'm a point freak, haha, but always find a good use for them.

Kiss Me, All Over the World

About Our Style of Engagements (guys, listen up)…


I get it... engagement portraits can be scary. Guys in particular usually have a lot of fear or dread leading up to the engagement session. Lots of stiff poses and fake smiles flicker through their brains. Worry not! I've got you covered. Our shoot will be so much fun,and yes... painless.


I promise... No stiff poses, no cheesy lines... just the two of you doing things that aren't so out of the ordinary. I have a certain style... a certain way of interacting with the two of you... that make it quick, easy, relaxed, and fun.  There's that word again.

A little tips that makes a big difference…


Getting engagement portraits made is a special thing.  If it’s in your budget, I definitely recommend a hair and makeup appointment to feel and look your best!  I have a couple recommendations of our favorite NWA stylist we can shoot over to you! If you're not in NWA, I know a few great ones in other cities: Dallas, LA, etc.


You have these portraits for the rest of your lives, and they make great gifts, Christmas cards, etc. You definitely want to look your very best - let the professionals take care of you (plus, it's nice to be pampered on such a special day!

What Do You Do With Them?


Save the dates:

We love creating save the dates for our clients. Not only does it give us another reason to be creative, but it let’s you show off your gorgeous partner to all your friends and family (not to mention… inform them to save your wedding date on their calendar).  If you’re having a summer or fall wedding, these are pretty important, as wedding season is in full swing!

We have an in-house designer that can customize the perfect save the date to fit your wedding style, colors, etc. Plus, they show off your fabulous engagement portraits!


Engagement websites:

Another great thing we can do with your engagement portraits is create a custom-designed website! The cool thing about our websites is 1) it can match all the colors and theme of your wedding and save the date; and 2) you don’t have to do any design work - we know you’re busy!  Lastly, they can be a great resource for out-of-town guests.


Engagement Guest book:

Our favorite thing to do with your engagement images is to create a book.  Many of our couples use this book as a guest book (really, who gets out that book with just the lines of signatures?)… a brilliant idea! We design the book with some extra space on the pages for signatures, or even better, sweet messages! You’ll get this off the shelf (or keep it on your coffee table) again and again!

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About Benfield Photography

Dale started Benfield Photography in 1998 as a way to pay for college. After earning his Master's Degree and teaching college photography, he decided to transition into a full-time photographer.  Since then, he has photographed more than 500 weddings all over the country and abroad. He has also published two books on photography and business.

Dale loves cooking, entertaining, Hallmark Christmas movies, Jesus, kittens, and his two daughters, Cece and Ellie.

Benfield Photography photographs weddings in Arkansas, California, and worldwide. He's photographed weddings in Rome, proposals in Paris, New York City weddings, Dallas weddings, Memphis weddings, Austin weddings, Los Angeles weddings, Napa Valley weddings, San Diego weddings, Aspen weddings, and many more.

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