What's your best tip for a bride planning her wedding?


I guess I have a few... First, hire a wedding planner (specifically Jessica Kersey) STAT! They can help prioritize to dos and budget and keep you on track. They also have relationships with vendors and can get you in touch with the best of the best.

Q&A With the Bride

Its also good to lock down the things that are most important to you, for example: photography was important so I booked the best photographers (y'all duh) almost a year in advance because photographers can only do one wedding a day... I wasn't as worried about the cake so that detail came later.

Another tip... Too much Pinterest, magazines and blogs can be a bad thing...follow your heart on style decisions and once you make a decision don't look back;)

Tell me about your dress selection.


Oh my dress!! I love it so much! I used to live in NYC so I knew I wanted to take a trip to the big apple in search of the perfect dress. I never dreamed it would be so much fun! I ended up going to 6 different stores and tried on many different styles. All I knew was that I didn't want strapless. The dress I chose by Lela Rose was the  perfect balance of classic and formal with an illusion off the shoulder neck line with a beaded bodice and the most amazing bustle! I feel like it really set the tone for my wedding and i have never felt more beautiful! I only wish it was customary to wear your dress more than once in your life ;)

Tell me something special about your wedding (heirloom, musical performance, a special guest, whatever!)


There were a lot of special moments about my wedding but my favorite was my wedding music. I love composers of the American songbook and specifically George Gershwin. All of the music played in the ceremony was by George Gershwin. I walked down the aisle to an excerpt from Rhapsody in Blue. That song has played a major part in my life because that is what my mom was listening to when she went into labor with me!


Other special details were the brooches I wore on my bouquet. They were my grandmothers and great Aunt who I am named after who have passed and it was a special way to have them with me on my wedding day

What is the best memory you have of the wedding day?


I have so many memories from my wedding day but my most memorable was taking a moment with my Husband during the ceremony to look out at the congregation of all of the people in our lives who were there to support us.


I also loved seeing Caul as I walked down the aisle. We had seen each other before for pictures and I thought that might take away from the aisle moment but I think it made it better because I was able to focus on him and be in the moment and we were both so emotional.

What is the best thing about Benfield Photography being there on your wedding day?


Where do I begin?!? You are such a joy to be around and you bring the fun out in your subjects by making them feel at ease and it really shows! You also miraculously captured every moment! It was like you were in 10 places at once. I knew you would capture every moment beautifully and you did that and more which is a good thing because you can't exactly re-shoot an entire wedding ;)

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Dale started Benfield Photography in 1998 as a way to pay for college. After earning his Master's Degree and teaching college photography, he decided to transition into a full-time photographer.  Since then, he has photographed more than 500 weddings all over the country and abroad. He has also published two books on photography and business.

Dale loves cooking, entertaining, Hallmark Christmas movies, Jesus, kittens, and his two daughters, Cece and Ellie.

Benfield Photography photographs weddings in Arkansas, California, and worldwide. He's photographed weddings in Rome, proposals in Paris, New York City weddings, Dallas weddings, Memphis weddings, Austin weddings, Los Angeles weddings, Napa Valley weddings, San Diego weddings, Aspen weddings, and many more.

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